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Holmfirthgirl Age: 56

well I've been on the site since June 2007! It's my online Bike & Social club & I've met LOADS of great mates & had some really good ride outs, weekends away, weeks away etc with peeps on here I absolutely adore it & feel very priviledged to be a part of such a great team.

I also met my other half through a BM weekend away in March 2010 & March this year I moved in with him, moving down from Holmfirth to Hobbit country & am now an honourary Hobbit!...... they talk funny down here though, so am trying to instill the Lancashire/Yorkshire dialect in may take some time!

Spesh on the other hand wonders what's hit him !


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CoolGroovy Age: 60

Just want to let the world know of Biker Match and what a wonderful site it is. 1 year 1 month and 27 days ago i met a wonderful gorgeous man called BikerBurt, since that day we have not looked back. Sept 11 2011 he got on one knee and proposed to me and of course i said yes, we are a match made on bikermatch and we just would like to let the world know how happy we are. Thank-you BikerMatch it wouldnt of happened without you, love to all it can be a cool world out there xxxx


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Spiritrider21 Age: 66

Hi Everyone,
I've been a member a while and met a couple of nice people. Had a few ride outs etc then I met her !! A blind ride out to Hawes and several BM meets after that and I was hooked. We chatted on BM in February and met in March and now we are planning our wedding in April.

BM is a great social network - I'd just ask people not to abuse it. There are many out there who are hurting and vulnerable - don't hurt them and dont trash people cos you got a bit upset.

BM is a great site but can only be as good as its members. Take care of each other.


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Sandi Age: 62

I became a member back in September 2006 and my first bikermatch event was in April 2007, at Rock Chick's birthday lunch in Derby, where I met many other members.

We have loads of laughs in the forum and chat room as well as helping each other out with info and support.

The chat room and forum are excellent ways of getting to know someone before you meet up, so don't sit there thinking 'shall I or shan't I' come and join us!

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Skutaros Age: 69

I'm Steve and I'm comletely new on this site, and already I have talked to some really nice people in the chat room, quite funny, all really great people.

I'm quite sure I will get to know more as I go along, I've yet to go to my first event. I think this is a great site and I hope to meet a nice lady to share days out with.

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Blackberry Age: 60

Brilliant site and one where you actually get to meet folk instead of chinwagging 'virtually' forever and a day.

Not enough weeks in the year to fit in all the events and I don't even ride a bike!!! Friendliest bunch of people I've ever met :)

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Pilly tart Age: 46

This site is ACE .... I have only been on here properly a few months and already I have had very nice people use their time and petrol to come to my house to help with broken bikes x2, got great advise about bikes, had many funny nights in the chat room, met great people in pub and on the rideout, been offered pilly seats.

It is good to know there still are good people out there and the added bonus of that is, they are bikers.

Some things in Britain still are great.

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Nutkin68 Age: 52

I found BM by accident in October 2007, after almost a year of wondering what to do with myself on an evening. I paid my subs and haven't looked back.

I've made some wonderful friends that will be there for life, amongst those SV Shell - we knew each other from school and hadn't seen each other for 25 years - and the first person to contact me Lone Rider (Bruce) from down South, turns out I worked with his dad 15 years ago , small small world... we are still in touch too.

I can't see me ever leaving BM, besides I still need to meet my nutty squirrel mate and steal his nuts...

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bikerbitch Age: 64

Well, as most of you are aware, I joined this site purely for Business/profressional reasons, it being a bike related site.

Then,I started to go to some of BM Events, and was surpised by the friendlness of most BM'rs, the out come, I have made some nice friends, had some damm good nights out, and earned business through the site, I will remain a member if only for the cracking company, and good nights out, BB

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Brummie Jackie Age: 54

Thanks to BM i have found some fantastic friends who i know will be with me forever and even that special someone :)

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podnil Age: 59

I found out about the Bikermatch site purely by accident whilst looking for a weekend rally to attend. Never joined any dating/social sites before, but I'm certainly glad that I did, as within a week of joining I've met my girlfriend and soulmate, Hazelnut, who I adore and love dearly.

Many thanks to the BikerMatch team as without them we'd have never met.

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missvondarkness Age: 48

Joined BikerMatch in September 2009, met a couple of members and now found my soul mate Badger59.

Great site helped me make new friends, male and female - geordielass, violetinferno, yam-man and dunans to name a few met at events this year.

Brilliant site, chat room is fun and forums informative as well as amusing. One very satisfied Miss x

Badger59 has proposed!!
Thank you BikerMatch - without this site I never would of found my future hubby x

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scatty lady Age: 57

Just wanted to say a big 'THANK YOU' to Biker Match for helping me to find the man of my dreams.

I had only been on the site for a few weeks and started chatting to another biker. After 3 weeks of messages back and forth we decided to meet for a coffee, and since then there has been no looking back for us.

We are doing a few rallies this yr together and also going for a weeks holiday to cornwall.

Hey this site does work THANKS BIKER MATCH!!!

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coachpete Age: 61

After a separation from the woman I had been married to for 26 years some what sceptical of internet match sites, but being 49 years old and not really one to go down the pub, and also having a really busy life I kind of felt it was worth a go or stay single the rest of my life.

As I am passionate about bikes I thought I'd search for a site that was bike biased, and I found bikermatch. I registered, which was easy and cheap(!) to have a look through the site. First off I was impressed with the social element, for example if you want to meet others to ride or just chat bikes with that's also fine.

After just a couple of months I contacted someone who caught my eye, as luck would have it we hit it off and we started to see each other, and still are.

The truth is I haven't been this happy for a long time. I've found someone who enjoys my passion for bikes and happens to like me too.

So after my initial scepticism I can only admit internet sites work and if you like bikes then bikermatch is defiantly worth giving a go. Trust me there is someone out there and this site helps you meet them.

Thank you all at bikermatch, you made me a happy man.

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SP Age: 64

Fantastic site... Welcomed me with open arms after the sudden death of my wife.  Everyone's friendly and I've met one special lady, PONY123, which has blossomed from friendship into romance. Can't wait to tie the knot with you pony.

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Mazza Age: 65

Great site I am enjoying it immensely. Always look forward to chatting every night. Met a couple of people and they were great fun look forward to meeting many more :-D

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Kate5930 Age: 56

Fantastic site. A good laugh and banter. Met vmax-deg and been seeing each other for a whole month now! Thanks BM x

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vmaxdeg Age: 57

I like this site a lot, it's very good and the people are extremely friendly and chatty. I would like to say thank you to BM for helping me meet kate5930. We are getting on very well, and without BikerMatch we wouldn't have met. Thanks guys.

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Istaqa Age: 52

Since joining Bikermatch, we have met some really nice people, but more than that we have met our lifelong partners and soulmates. It is great to have a place where you can meet genuine people to talk to online and to meet up with from all around this country and abroad. Having tried other dating and biker sites, this one gets the right combination for everyone, from people just wanting to discuss bikes and the biking lifestyle to those looking for friends and more. Like we said, the bonus is meeting someone to ride the road of life together as one.
So to Matt a big thankyou - keep up the good work!
From Istaqa & Witchs_Promise

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Chrisxxx Age: 56

First site you actually get a prompt answer to any problem. Very good communications and feedback - you can't ask for more!!!
You will find the true biker spirit is alive and kicking HERE at BikerMatch!

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Cruiser gal Age: 64

Well another member off here told me about this site and so glad he did, thanks elninja. I did wonder whether I should pay to join but certainly glad I have. I haven't found my soul mate but I have made some lovely new friends all with a common interest. I am on a couple of other sites but this one has certainly proved to be the best. I was going to list all the people I have met but after Sundays meet up as well I was afraid I would miss someone out.

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tractordriver Age: 59

I just want to say that I've met a wonderful lady on this site after fruitless searches on other similar sites. We met up 2 weeks ago after 3 months of chatting and it was instant attraction for both of us. Thanks BikerMatch, you've brought happiness into my life after 5 years of being on my own.



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