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Meet the team!

The following members of Biker Match contribute much time and effort to ensure that your stay here is pleasant, safe and enjoyable.

All members of the BikerMatch team are volunteers and even contribute financially to the site as well.

A huge thanks to them for their efforts.


Owner, Founder, Site Designer & Manager

Click to display Matt's profile Matt is the owner and founder of Biker Match.  Matt personally spent over 3 years designing the site before it's release in 2006.  Overall responsibility for the site's functioning, development and availability still remains with Matt, along with executive decisions and financial administration.  Matt began BikerMatch as a sister-site of





 Site Moderators

The Site Moderators are here to ensure that you have a pleasant stay on Biker Match.  Their duties are very time consuming and involve removing all inappropriate content from the site.  Moderators also assist others in accessing the site and provide help with account problems.  Moderators have a high level of access on the site and are able to remove malicious users immediately.  It is advisable to contact the moderators via the contact page for immediate assistance.

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Events Planning Team

Due to the ever-increasing size of BikerMatch, we recently decided to set up a dedicated Events Planning Team.  These members of BikerMatch are responsible for organising the larger events, not the local ride-outs which can be organised by anybody.  For advice creating an event please feel free to contact this team via the Contact page.

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International Events Coordinator

The role of the International Events Coordinator is to provide help or information to members who want to tour abroad. Also watch out for future BM tours organised by our coordinator.

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Promotions Manager

The Promotions Manager is responsible for all site related advertising, in magazines, newspapers and online.  The Promotions Manager does not manage advertisements on BikerMatch.  For information about advertising on BikerMatch, please contact Matt in the first instance.

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Advertisement Sales

The Sales Team work with our business customers to arrange suitable advertisement schedules and invoicing.  This is a new team recently set up to update and streamline our existing revenue sources.

Current vacancies

Merchandise Manager

The Merchandise Manager coordinates all merchandise, which will soon be available from BikerMatch.  This will include T-Shirts, bike stickers, key rings etc.

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Events Calendar Admin

The Calendar Admins are responsible for maintaining and contributing to the Events Section on Biker Match.  Each event that is added to the website needs to be checked for errors and suitability, as do any photographs uploaded by members.

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Club Treasurer

BikerMatch is a registered business though currently is non-profit making.  All accounting, book keeping and financial aspects of the club are coordinated by Matt.

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Site Photographer

Our site photographer tries to attend as many of our official events as possible.  All photos taken at our events will be uploaded into the calendar, along with photos submitted by other members.

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Newsletter Admin

BikerMatch regularly release E-Bulletins, containing site updates, biking news and other appropriate information that our members may find useful.  The bulletins are compiled by the editor from content submissions by any site member.

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