Hello biker from Cov !

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In: Coventry/A45 air
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Hi all.

Just saying hi from Cov, any other local bikers in this area? All the best Stu.
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Hi Stu, (aka ullapool)

I hail from Lawford Heath, off the road pending time and money to replace two dead batteries, killed by recent cold spell.

Whilst on, do you know anything about hydraulic lift tables? Oil has vented and although I've topped up and topped up, it will rise and stay but there is no soft lowering action. It crashes down. Any thoughts please? Have contacted the dealer where I bought it, no advice to further the fix. I can only try again with jacks to raise the table and top up yet again. I reckon I've put more in thatv originally came out!
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Welcome gents! Hope you are finding your way around the site.
Get yourselves to an event/rally or rideout at some point in 2019 and meet a friendly bunch of folk. Share a laugh, experiences, a few beers and mates are made. 👍😀                                                                                                                                                                             

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